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Jul. 7th, 2010

The Wild Trapeeze



Brandon Boyd has just released a SOLO album!

The album is titled "The Wild Trapeeze" and you can buy the CD, which comes with a letter from Brandon Boyd himself, or a bundle including both of those and a t-shirt (I am going to try to get that if I can), or you can buy the shirt alone. Here's the link to where you can buy the stuff!!! Come on and try it!


Okay really quickly, I also want to brag about the fact that I bought the Red Vinyl limited edition of KoRn's new album, KoRn III 'Remember Who You Are'.

I encourage you to try to get that too if you want to enough!! It comes with a Red Vinyl version of the album, the CD/DVD of the album, and poster I think. If not, just buy the album!!! It's supposed to be a lot more like their first few albums, which would be great because there are WAY too many people complaining about the "new" Korn. Too many people saying that KoRn was only good for a few years andI quote,  "See You On the Other Side sucked out whatever talent they had left". I do not agree. Oildale wasn't amazing, but it was good, and the clips I've heard of the album sound pretty awesome too.

I listened to "Black Gives Way to Blue" By Alice in Chains (mostly because my best friend is an AiC addict) and I know the vocalist on this album is Will Duvall, not Layne Staley (RIP Layne) , so I want to know, what are your opinions, did you like it? 

May. 9th, 2010

Wohoo! Day 2 ;)

Band practice yesterday was pretty amazing, as usual. We came up with two new songs, one with me on piano X3 and the other with everyone except the singer (so far) I think the song sounds really good without any singing and it would be an amazing instrumental piece, but I don't think our singer likes that idea.... >.>

I was really hoping it could be like some of the instrumental tracks Incubus has, like on their "Make Yourself" album or something. Battlestar Scratchalactica, for instance (probably spelled that wrong, but whatever).
Basically: I really want that to be an instrumental track DX

OH BY THE WAY!!!!!!1  Do any of you read the webcomic "Questionable Content"? I mentioned it yesterday as pretty much the only one I read and keep up with ;) WEll, the characters in the comic have a band called "Deathmole" (with a European-looking slash through the 'o'). I found the author's tumblr account and found out that he's released albums for the fictional band!! Haven't listened to it all yet but I heard one song which was called "Cyclops" and is almost 9 minutes long, apparently...

It is the most beautiful mix of hardcore metal and soft awesome indie music I've ever listened to. Really.

SO HERE'S A LINK. GO. LISTEN. NOW: http://jephjacques.tumblr.com/post/488873007/a-non-joke-april-gift-to-you-a-new-deathm-le

EDIT!!: Our band has officially been named "The Pavement" (yes there is a significance to that name but I'm not telling you) and our logo has been approved by the rest of the band... will post if I can...

May. 7th, 2010

SOooo... (Pt. 2, other, music below)

Other part of my blogging for today :)

I've found this awesome-sauce web comic called "Johnny Wander". Holy crap is it random. But it's fun :) And it's not all that random if you read the stuff posted underneath :)

And I'm pretty sure it's all true..? The characters actually exist, apparently 8D Which is awesome!!!!!!
Since I haven't been on in forever, I  suppose you viewers aren't aware that my favorite webcomic is Questionable Content. It's an agonizing wait I must endure every day to wait for the next ones. And weekends are a KILLER.

I'm also in a band. This should probably go in the music post but it was too long >.> I think we're going to call ourselves "In Retrospect". I play lead guitar/backup vocals. And I came up with a drumline that was so good we're actually using it in a song now 8D HOW EPIC IS THAT?! XD

So... yeah :) We practice every single weekend (so far). We are very determined and so far we all think that music is probably the only option for us, so we work really hard at it :) I hope we succeed :P (Wish us luck!) I'll try to post our logo sometime, if I ever figure that out T.T
We consist of three girls and one guy :3
So... yeah. I'm done.

Have you tried the Nestle chocolate energy drink "Milo"? I practically live off of it. Go drink it. Now. Along with Yakult. You can get that in America now. Asian stuff FTW.

SOooo... (Music)

I've gotten really into the "Journal" part of DeviantArt, which is not really the point of it. I just love writing, and I am an attention-whore so I love writting about stuff that's happening in my life so I figured, why not blog? Like, really, blog??


Yeah. H.I.M. My new obsession.
Anyone who knows me well knows that I do change obsessions occasionally, especially if it isn't a thorough obsession. But when I DO get obsessed with something, I get OBSESSED with it.

My new obsession which will be replacing... pretty much... everything (yes I've completely ditched Tokio Hotel officially. Humanoid was not the greatest)... is HIM
I saw them live on Friday and it just BLEW MY MIND. I got punched, got into 3 mosh pits, my shirt got stuck on a gotharella's spiky corset, and everyone was smoking pot. Everyone.

I fought my way to the front and cried over the music and the sheer awesomeness of the show, undoubtedly it was the best thing that's happened to me in a LOOONNNGGGG time. So I am obsessed now. For clarification, Bam Margera was one of my first obsessions many many many years ago when I was really little, and he's how I found about HIM. So this is my second run-around of HIM obsession, really. (Viva La Bam is part of the reason why I have strong urges to play hockey with porcelein objects, by the way.)


Oh, and I found this thing called "Vam". Bam Margera/Ville Valo slash. The art/stories are good but holy crap... it just seems so amazingly wrong on so many levels it doesn't register in my mind. But I've been looking at a bunch of it because it's my two favorite people on the planet as of Friday/Kindergarten (when I first started fangirling over Bam -i was a messed up reckless child- ) So.. yeah. But still, it seems really weird to me >.>

Apr. 10th, 2009

New Songs!!!!

Sorry, it's been forever :(  Here's some new songs! Nothing special,
Happy Easter!! (it says happy easter, it's just super hard to read, sorry)

The City is at War by Cobra Starship
Okay, one thing I will say for this band is, maaddd props to the lead singer!! I saw a crappy video of them doing an acoustic version of this song, and even with the bad audio quality, he rocked. This song is super techno-pop-rock stuff. If it gives you any insight, girls who like bands like All Time Low and Fall Out Boy will love this. ;D It pretty much talks about famous rich people, as far as I can tell. The more I listen to it, the more I think it sounds like Fall Out Boy, just not Patrick Stump.

Calabria by Enur, featuring Natasja
If you like dancing, or dance parties, this is DEFINITELY going to be one of those songs that make you say "Oooh! So that's what this song's called!!".  It is the dancing song. And since it's the dancing song, I guess you know what to expect, if you're an avid music listener. If you're not, it's a Latino dancing song with some brass instruments and awesome beat. Don't get it mixed up with the remixed version that features MIMS, because they are NOT the same.

Oxygen by Living Things

This song is weird. Definitely. The guitar riffs and basic layout is typical alternative rock, but the singing in the beginning *before the chorus* is super deep and low, and that makes it super different than other alt songs I've heard. The chorus is the best part, in my opinion, the tune is really nice, I don't really know how to describe it, for once. *GASP!* So this means you'll definitely have to listen to it now!!! 

Help I'm Alive by Metric
A nice poppy alternative song! Actually, it's defined as Indie rock, but that's pretty much a branch off of alt-rock, don't you think? It starts out pretty mellow and slow, but then it leads into a nice little up lifting chorus. Fun verses like "hard to be soft, tough to be tender" come into play, and Emily Haines' super funky voice -funky in a good way, I've never heard anything like it- just makes it that much better!

Chop Suey by System of a Down
Come on, everyone's heard it before. If you haven't, then you should seriously check it out. It's a loud yelling song that's pretty anti-religious. Mix of seriously distorted guitars, super-speed yelling, and screaming. The singer has a pretty nice voice though, for screaming and not. It's really famous in the music world, and everyone I hang out with jokes about it, so check it out, nu-metal lovers!!!

Iva Frühlingová  Á part- this song is really good. It's in French and mostly acoustic guitar. It's pretty slow, so hard rock fans aren't going to be too crazy about it. I found it in a YouTube video, and most of the comments were "What's the name of this song?!!" and finally, one person found out. It's a great song if you're looking for something to chill out to.


Mar. 18th, 2009

New Stuff!

 New Songs and stuff....

Arterial Black by Drist
I heard this song in *sigh* yes, another YouTube video. I don't mean to be stereotypical, but it just seems exactly like the kind of song a guy would listen to, distortion and a crazy guitar solo. It's pretty fast-paced too. I love it, it's really good, and I think nu-metal lovers might appreciate it as something soft XD 

Speaking of nu-metal, all my life I have been opposed to the band KoRn, seeing as their reputation is pretty bad. A boy in Michigan apparently got suspended just for wearing their shirt, but the band keeps such good ties with their fanbase, they got him reinstated :D I listened to these songs by them:
Falling Away from Me, Make Me Bad, Got the Life, and Clown
I loved it! It's really awesome. It's a smoother, more intense kind of metal. Still loud and metal-y, but not the same. I bought their album "Greatest Hits Volume I" and have been listening to it practically non-stop for the past few days. I strongly advise it to people who listen to things along the lines of metal.
With 7-string guitars tuned lower than most basses, they have a really intense distorted sound. Minor keys are brought to glory by their songs, and after a while, you'll realize Jonathan Davis has THE MOST unique voice ever. He can go from freaky full-throated yelling to sweet high-pitched tones in a switch. Despite their cursing and drinking lives, you'll learn to appreciate this freaky unique brand of music. I swear it <3

The Rat by Dead Confederate 
This song is another alternative rock song, pretty slow, with a freakishly disturbing music video. Their album, Wrecking Ball, was an album, so as far as I know, they only have two songs... or that's all I've found. Their other song is Start Me Laughing, and it's pretty opposite to this song, with it's clean guitars and sweet mellow rhythm. The singer has a really freaky *in a good way* voice, so even though the lyrics apparently say "...on all the days" it sounds like "... on all the da-lees!" It fits though, and in a way the genre reminds me of the song Wolves at Night by Manchester Orchestra. The band has preformed this song on the "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" show too!

Ghetto Love by Spinnerette
I heard this song on Alt Nation, the alternative rock station of satellite radio. If you really like AltRock, I would suggest buying satellite radio just to listen to this channel! It's pretty amazing. This song is catchy. Cool mellow-voiced female singer, awesome bass line, thumping drum beats, a guitar on some freaky sound setting. It sounds awesome. The singer's voice is layered near the end, and it's one of my favorite parts of the song. It's one of those songs that is almost guaranteed to stick in your head at least once or twice.

These are some songs I found on the Home album.. I'm not sure if that's what it's called, but its the one with a house burning in the background and three human-ish figures standing there. It has almost all of their famous songs, Home, I Hate Everything About You, Just Like You, the usual, you know? But I listened to it and found a junk-load of other great songs! Here they are:
Burn, Let You Down, Take Me Under, and Now or Never. If you want more, go out and buy the album!!

Jan. 26th, 2009

New Songs

 Hey leute -people-! I have some new music 4 you guys :D 

This is a cool mix of weird techno-ish sound effects and a simple guitar beat. And snaps and clapping make up the beat!! How neat is that? Plus, it has the coolest/weirdest music video I've ever seen. For the past month or so, it has been my favorite song! To me, another really awesome song, but if you're not into that kind of stuff.... yeah.... i don't know, whatever.

Make It Wit Chu-Queens of the Stone Age
This song  totally reminds me of something my dad would've listened to XD like, something from the late 1900's. It has a funky kind of guitar, a smooth voiced singer, and is REALLY way off of what you usually hear from Q.O.T.S.A. It shocked me, like... a lot. But I loved it! It's a slower beat, because of the old style, I'm guessing though.

Electric Feel-MGMT
Sorry, I don't know if I've posted this one before or not... but I'm just going to do it in case I haven't. This song's intro sounds very Asian, really awesome song though. The perfect dancing song, so bring it to you're next dance party! It's full of weird distortion and sound effects, which makes it really super modern. The singers sing in high-pitched voices, that actually suit them very well, surprisingly. I know it sounds like one person layered twice, but it's actually two people. And, beware people, it's reminiscent of the disco age, I'm afraid to say. Well, no, I'm not afraid! Because it's a REALLY awesome song :D Really sweet lyrics too, very lovey, like, "You are my electric-girl" <33

Non Dairy Creamer-Thir
d Eye Blind
Congratulations Third Eye Blind! You have won the award for "Weirdest Lyrics Ever"!!! Example: They call it KFC, 'cause it's not really chicken hot cheetos for breakfast make a young student sick. If you take lyrics seriously, this isn't for you. This nice cheery song with super-clean guitar sounds makes references to gay marriage, boob implants, STD's, young gay republicans, and school shootings. I've heard people call it sick, but it is the SWEETEST song ever! Along the same vibe-lines of Wonderwall by Oasis.. kind of... well, if you heard it you'd know what I mean. There is a part where it get's faster though so don't worry if you're not into that stuff. :D It was stuck in my head for ages.

Jan. 16th, 2009


 Okay, I know practically everything I put on here is Alternative or just not loud enough or fast enough to satisfy the average rocker's hunger. So I've found a couple of good bands!

The lead singer said their music exists only to inspire people. Their music is incredibly loud and fast, and I suggest their song "The Western World" for starters. There's loads of cussing, and lyrics that are probably the exact definiton of what parents don't want you to listen to! Haha, Hope you loudness-lovers enjoy <3

A friend of mine totally loves this band and since I was too busy to remember that he told me to watch one of their vids, he finally just sent me the video for their song "Ambrosia". It starts out romantic and sweet and just goes straight into the screaming. No intros, nothing. Just straight screaming. Very loud, very fast, perfect for emo-rock lovers or screamo lovers, obviously.

Queens of the Stone Age
A totally amazing band that I was totally addicted to a while back *a while back as in a year or two ago ;)* I heard their amazing song "Little Sister" *mentioned below* and got back into them. The songs I suggest are "Go With the Flow", "No One Knows", "Little Sister", and "3's & 7's" which, I believe is either on Guitar Hero or Rockband, sorry I can't remember. Their songs are each special, but they all have the same unique touch, kind of like The White Stripes' songs.


You Don't Know Me-Ben Folds featuring Regina Spektor
A nice little poppy song with flares of preppiness. Not for people who think they'd like the bands I mentioned above, it's actually probably the equivalent of the opposite of Alesana haha.

Little Sister-Queens of the Stone Age
I cannot believe I haven't mentioned this band before. I heard this song on the radio and was totally re-awakened to how much I am addicted to this song. Ever heard a song where all the instruments and singing fit together so perfectly that it gave you chills because you've never heard anything so perfect?! Well, seeing as I'm kind of a music-addict, I've experienced it. This song gave me that feeling! Perfect mix of cowbell, distorted guitar, and creepy background moaning thingamajigerrs.

By the way, whatever's in the 'Music' box below is what I'm listening to know if you don't know.

Jan. 1st, 2009


Okay... so it's not so much of an extravaganza, I'm really sorry! I've been really busy, I swear! But one of my resolutions is to put more music into this thing :D

So, first of all:

I heard about this band years ago but I never looked into them, but I just recently watched a video with their song "Alive" in it, and it was amazing. They are definitely heavy, I don't know about heavy metal, but there are touches of that in there. They remind me a lot of the old Linkin Park songs sometimes, but then I get further into the song and then I'll realize it's totally unique. Their songs are SO amazing I can't really put words to it, and heavy rock people, be glad, I found something that's not Alternative for once. It's mysterious and creepy but perfect at the same time. They remind me of Linkin Park with some notes, and the rythm reminds me of Slipknot a little, but their totally unique so you can't really put a label on them.  Oh, and they're a Christian band and their name stands for Payable on Death, apparently a reference to Jesus' death on the cross. BUT if you're not a Christian don't let that get in your way of checking this band out!

A Crow Left of the Murder by Incubus
I just went out to get the album, and it's awesome! Megalomaniac is the totally famous one that got recognized in the charts, it's loud and rebellious, which is usually what our generation looks for isn't it ? :D :D The other songs are typical Incubus, rocky, with craaazzyy sound effects thanks to Incubus's killer turntablist, Chris Kilmore. The awesome sounds are all thanks to him, and that's why he's my favorite member of the band. The beginning of "Pistola" has a really wacky sound that gives it all it's character. This album was produced in about 6 weeks, but it doesn't sound like it.. Maybe a few songs at the end do but it's pretty awesome overall. The song "Southern Girl" is really slow and heartfelt and the lyrics are kind of weird, and it really sticks out in the midst of all the loud/smooth rock.

Tegan and Sara
I've checked way more into them and I'm starting to like them as much I love Tokio Hotel! By the way, haters don't be afraid because they aren't like Tokio Hotel and I won't get mad at you for not liking Tokio Hotel, as I've said thousands of times. I respect personal opinion. I've found out that the versions of most of the songs such as "The Con", "Dark Come Soon", and "Nineteen" that you'll find on YouTube are way different (and in my opinion, better) than the original versions on their album "The Con". The album's versions are still amazing. They are great because they act like normal people, don't dress to impress, and make awesome music.. They've changed their genre from loud to more thoughtful. I like them a little better now
than their old music but still, all good.

I'm gunna start putting whatever song I'm listening to on the bottom :D

In the music news today:
BILL KAULITZ HAS DREADLOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec. 27th, 2008

New Artists

Hey everyone! Hope you had a good holiday... I would say specifically Christmas but not everyone's Christian *duh!* :D
Anyhow, I've found two new artists!

Tegan and Sara
Canadian twins that I've heard are both lesbian, but I'm not totally sure about that... Anyhow, I think their music is really awesome, and they have really different genres for every song! One can be the preppiest, most uplifting song you've ever heard, while the next can be the most somber slow song. Anyhow, they're definitely Alternative. Sorry if I keep coming with Alt songs, but I really like that stuff.

Not really a new artist, I showed their song "Your Sweet Six Six Six" on an earlier post, but I just recently went out and bought their CD "Love Said No" to check them out and see if I would like them. Surprisingly, I did! Some songs slow, some songs loud... but never fast, amazingly. The amount of distortion is crazy! The guitar is totally metal-ish but the singing and genre totally evens it out.

I'll save up a bunch of my findings for a New Year's extravaganza!!

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